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Wore my Junpei Iori crossplay with my dog as Koromaru at the Anime day



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You know what’s more magical than a Studio Ghibli anime? Seeing them brought to life. That’s exactly what is happening in South Korea. 

The Studio Ghibli exhibit is being held at the I’Park Mall in Seoul until March 1, 2015.

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The cuteness is evil..Be careful oAo 

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Photo spam of my Okou cosplay that I made for a matsuri event.  Just was testing it out because this was the first time wearing everything altogether.  Snakes are poseable.  I love them but I still need to work on them more… Photos by Catscratch.

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Cosplayer: FraSoldiers

My friend wanted to do a little shoot of his cosplay this past Sunday so I did the best I could for him. It was a great opportunity to get comfortable with my new camera, it was a fun experience to take these shots and putting makeup on someone else lol.  Even though this was put together at the last minute, he did pull off an awesome Shizuo cosplay!  It’s too bad we couldn’t find a sign for him to hold =w=;

Shizuo: DJ Catscratch

Photog/edit/makeup/wig styling: me


Danganronpa x Mega Man by Shawnmarvelous ⊟

Several Danganronpa things I wanted to share:

Literally a dangan list.